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Audiolfactory Creolization

August 7, 2013

Audiolfactory Creolization Note: the wooden sculpture on a pedestal is not part of this installation. “Audiolfactory Creolization” is an interactive installation which combines sounds with smells to reveal the complexity of creolized identities in Chicago. I started this project in 2009 by engaging in conversations with community members who shared a “mixed” experience: mixed race, […]

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broad view pozole

BlackXican Pozole

June 24, 2011

BlackXican Pozole all photos, courtesy Alberto Aguilar Gwenn-Aël LYNN and Hermes Santana (a chef from the neighbourhood of Pilsen in Chicago) teamed up to make and serve a pozole dinner in a performative way, emphasizing its olfactory dimension. Pozole is a traditional Mexican dish. In this case it reflected the hybridity of the chef who […]

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Untitled (2008)

Untitled (2008)

May 15, 2008

Untitled (2008)   For this installation I chose smells about the locality of Chicago based on interviews I conducted with long term Chicago residents. I interfaced the smells with some of these interviews abstract (to give some context to the scents) with an EZIO board. The visitors’ movements were tracked by small c-mos cameras looking […]

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Image by Daniel G. Baird and Robert Andrade

Scensing Histories

May 15, 2008

Scensing Histories Click on image to be redirected to web project Once redirected, click on Scensing Histories button   This online project is an emanation from “Untitled” (2008), an interactive olfactory installation.

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Herbal tea G2 72 dpi

Great Lakes Herbal Tea Project

August 10, 2007

Great Lakes Herbal Tea Project Gallery 2, Chicago, Illinois. Plants, tea kettle, modified tube (for the sound), hot plates, wood shelves, glass cups. An installation/performance. 5 herbs/roots native to the Great Lakes region, each emitting a specific pitch while boiling, were served to visitors. Scents and sounds were matched in terms of “weight”, “pitch”, and […]

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