Gwenn-Aël LYNN is a Franco-American transdisciplinary artist. He has a background in sculpture (BA from the University of Southern California, 1993), but he moved into performance in 2000 (MFA in performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008; D.E.A. -master- from the Sorbonne University 2002)

As an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California he started making site-specific installations.  Since then he has been interested in expanding the notion of site specificity by making “culturally specific” work, or “localities”. Thus, wherever he resides he works in relation to place, with local communities, and local histories. Because of his dual origins, as the descendant of colonizers (France) treading a colonized land (America), he is particularly interested in the postcolonial cultural processes of creolization, as defined by the Antillean poet, Edouard Glissant.

His recent work is based on the following hypothesis: if visual media is a way of ascertaining power (as, for example, western art history has shown), what happens if we shift our attention towards less hegemonic senses: like smell and taste? Hence he makes interactive smell installation and food/scented performances which problematize further the relationship between olfaction, taste, hybridity, and hegemony.

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